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ALL THE WAY IN by Hensley Amethyst Park

Mirabella Castle

Mitchell Magellan is arrogant, selfish, and rich. But he had something I needed. So, I was prepared to swallow my pride and beg. Without a job, I’d have to leave New York City and move back home to Kentucky. I was supposed to have an interview at Magellan Media. But when billionaire and notorious bad boy Mitchell Magellan, spare to the Magellan Media empire and newly minted CEO, called off the interview, I was angry, humiliated, and jobless.


I stopped not playing nice. I refused to turn the other cheek, like grandma said I should. No more "good hair Ivy League" me. Nope. Mitchell Magellan was gonna meet the "f around and find out" me.


Mitchell Magellan
At twenty-eight I was forced into the family business in a role I never wanted and am wholly unqualified for. Just when I was starting to think I could do this CEO job and actually be good at it, in typical Mitchell fashion, I stepped knee-deep in crap by canceling my interview with one Mirabella Castle. Now, her antics on social media has got the Magellan Media Board up in arms and the vipers circling.

No one has ever had the balls to confront me like that. Why? Because I’m rich.

But Mirabella Castle didn’t seem to give a crap about me or my money. This woman called me by name. Tagged my company in her posts. She hadn’t slid into my DMs like a coward. No; she put me on blast in front of the world and dared me to notice her. And now that I have, I'm going to give Mirabella Castle what she seems to want: My FULL attention.

She's called me out on my bad behavior in front of the world. Now, I'll show her exactly how bad I can be. 

ALL THE WAY IN contains explicit content, adult situations, and exceptionally strong language. 

All the Way In eBook Cover
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