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Author Linda Budzinski.jpg

Budzinski, Linda

The Funeral Singer | EM & EM | The Boyfriend Whisperer | The Boyfriend Whisperer 2.0

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Burke Anastasia

Box of Stars


Carter, Brittany

Lead the Way


Charles, Lizzy

Effortless with You | Perfectly Messy

Natalie Decker.jpg

Decker, Natalie

Rival Love | Rival Hearts | Rival Dreams | Bryce | Graham | Kyle | Right Text Wrong Number | Right Gift Wrong Day | Right Kiss Wrong Guy

Author Laura Diamond.jpg

Diamond, Laura

Under My Skin

Author Jennifer DiGiovanni.jpg

DiGiovanni, Jennifer

My Senior Year of Awesome | My Disastrous Summer Vacation | My Junior Year of Loathing | My Clueless Broken Heart | My Sophomore Year of Rules | My Freshman Year of Fabulous

Author Katie Kaleski.jpg

Kaleski, Katie

You, Me, and Letting Go

Author Jen Lowry.jpg

Lowry, Jennifer

Sweet Potato Jones

Coming Soon!.png

Park, Hensley

Blurred Lines | Stay with Me

Author Rebekah Purdy (1).JPG

Purdy, Rebekah L

The Romeo Club | How to Unbreakup | French Fries with a Side of Guy | The DB List


Reece, Julie

One Summer with Autumn


Tighe, Patricia B

Life in the No Dating Zone | Life in the Lucky Zone | Life in the Danger Zone | About Last Summer | The Dylan Dilemma

shana vanterpool (2).jpg

Vanterpool, Shana

Destroy Me | Damage Me | Ruin Me | Mad Love | Hard Love

Author Cheyanne Young.jpg

Young, Cheyanne

The Breakup Support Group


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