Swoon Romance Authors
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Author Linda Budzinski.jpg

Budzinski, Linda

The Funeral Singer | EM & EM | The Boyfriend Whisperer | The Boyfriend Whisperer 2.0

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Burke Anastasia

Box of Stars


Carter, Brittany

Lead the Way


Charles, Lizzy

Effortless with You | Perfectly Messy

Natalie Decker.jpg

Decker, Natalie

Rival Love | Rival Hearts | Rival Dreams | Bryce | Graham | Kyle | Right Text Wrong Number | Right Gift Wrong Day | Right Kiss Wrong Guy

Author Laura Diamond.jpg

Diamond, Laura

Under My Skin

Author Jennifer DiGiovanni.jpg

DiGiovanni, Jennifer

My Senior Year of Awesome | My Disastrous Summer Vacation | My Junior Year of Loathing | My Clueless Broken Heart | My Sophomore Year of Rules | My Freshman Year of Fabulous

Author Kelly Gunderman.jpg

Gunderman, Kelly

Finding Me

Gabi Justice

Justice, Gabi

Dog Girl

Author Katie Kaleski.jpg

Kaleski, Katie

You, Me, and Letting Go

Author Jen Lowry.jpg

Lowry, Jennifer

Sweet Potato Jones

Author Diane Alberts.jpg

McLaughlin, Jen

Captivated By You | One Night

Author Elizabeth Miceli.jpg

Miceli, Elizabeth

Barren | Consumed

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Park, Hensley

Blurred Lines | Stay with Me

Author Rebekah Purdy (1).JPG

Purdy, Rebekah L

The Romeo Club | How to Unbreakup | French Fries with a Side of Guy | The DB List


Reece, Julie

One Summer with Autumn


Tighe, Patricia B

Life in the No Dating Zone | Life in the Lucky Zone | Life in the Danger Zone | About Last Summer | The Dylan Dilemma

shana vanterpool (2).jpg

Vanterpool, Shana

Destroy Me | Damage Me | Ruin Me | Mad Love | Hard Love

Author Cheyanne Young.jpg

Young, Cheyanne

The Breakup Support Group