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Become a Swoon Romance Author



We want to read YOUR story and consider it for publication, but we need you to follow a few requirements. First, please read the list of five requirements below. Then, if you think you have what we seek, please visit the ABOUT page for information on how to submit your manuscript. 


1. Romance must be the central element of the story. Romance must drive the story from start to finish and resolve in some way at the end. 

2. Word count must be between 60,000 - 90,000. We are not currently accepting novellas outside of existing series.

3. Work MUST be contemporary. Small elements of magical realism will be considered. 

4. The story must have series potential, meaning you can clearly see how to develop the story into a minimum of two (2) additional books.

5. You must be willing to work hard to promote your work.


We want to see relatable, flawed characters that surprise us with their depth and strength of heart. We want to feel everything the characters feel - every touch, every kiss, every look. And most of all, we want a story that takes our breath away and makes us swoon. 


We have an open call for contemporary Young Adult, New Adult and Adult stories. We have a limited interest in romantic comedy and or chick lit. We are actively seeking erotica and holiday stories. We are also seeking ghostwriters willing and able to produce 2-3 books annually under a pen name. 


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